Through our mobile speaker's bureau we engage formerly incarcerated people and the community in dialogue forums that address crime prevention, intervention, and deterrence.

  • Prevention: Straight Talk speakers have learned the power of choice. They candidly share their experiences with poor choices and better choices, and examine the consequences of each. Their powerful stories motivate others to consider the likely outcomes of choices before making them.
  • Intervention: Straight Talk speakers offer hope to first-time offenders by presenting an opportunity to change their lives by changing their choices. First-time offenders thus experience a life interruption that provides an opportunity to weigh the consequences before continuing their destructive behaviors.
  • Deterrent: Straight Talk deters negative behaviors in at-risk individuals by instilling the desire for a better way of life. Through conversation, experience, and example, speakers introduce a different vantage point to those who are at-risk of choosing criminality as a lifestyle.

The benefits are two-fold:

  • For Our Panelists: Our panelists participate in their own rehabilitation process. They are able to strengthen their own moral character as they begin to see themselves as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others.
  • For Our Audience: By listening to real life experiences, Straight Talk educates communities about crime and incarceration; thus, removing the mystique and glamour that entices individuals into a lifestyle of drugs, gangs, and other anti-social behaviors.

Our panelists come from varying socio-economic backgrounds, showing that the consequences of negative choices cut across all boundaries. The message is simple: If you break the law, you will eventually be caught – and the consequences are costly to you, your family, the community, and society.

Our Format

Phase One – each panelist speaks, sharing his or her personal story.

Phase Two – members of the audience address questions to the panelists.

Phase Three – the audience offers feedback about how the presentation has affected them.

Phase Four – the panelists wrap up the presentation with closing remarks.


Straight Talk is a therapeutic program; meeting individuals where they are and helping them heal. Our audiences range from schools to community forums and include people from all backgrounds.

Our panelists give countless volunteer hours to the community in an effort to reduce the negative behaviors that permeate today's society, thereby helping make our neighborhoods safer places to work, grow, and thrive.

To find out more about our services, to get help, or to volunteer call (951) 272-5747


Our Results:

In a six-month study of 1,126 written evaluations of the Straight Talk Program, 87% of respondents rated the talks as excellent or helpful in assisting potential violators to reevaluate their lifestyles and redirect their choices. Of parents completing the same survey, 83% reported favorable observations of the program's impact on their children. Within the same group of youth and parents, 68% requested personalized services—with 37% of the requests originating from the youths.