Our Mission:
Our mission is to support the development of youth and adults facing life challenges to become productive and success citizens.

Our Goal:
The goal of Straight Talk Program is to bring about change and renewal to youth and adults leading to a rewarding life.


  • To reduce the incarceration rate of youth and adults by providing individual intervention, counseling or mentoring services.
  • To reduce the recidivism rates of previously incarcerated person by empowering them to share their story publicly at local public middle and high school and college campus.
  • To promote positive behaviors and goals achievements through mentoring and counseling.

Straight Talk Program (STP) has received state and national recognition for serving the youth and in particular youth at risk. In 1990, Straight Talk Program, Inc. was established as a youth prevention program with speaker bureaus of formally incarcerated people. The speakers focus on their life choices impacting their lives and how they changed their lives. Their presentations are intentioned to encourage young people and adults to make positive choices. The speaker bureau forums are presented at junior high schools, senior high schools, college campuses and community groups.
Since 2000, Straight Talk Program, Inc. has expanded to include intervention and mentoring services. The intervention service requires a referral for possible counseling, family plan, court appearance plan and individual action plans. The mentoring program accepts referrals for one-on-one mentoring for those seeking coaching in accomplishing their personal and professional goals.