About Straight Talk Program, Inc.

Straight Talk Program, Inc. provides evidence-based services built upon a set of best practices defined by studies commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice.


  • Focusing on ex-offenders most likely to recidivate.
  • Interventions that identify qualities that place one at risk to commit crimes.
  • Interventions that treat multiple anti-social behaviors, and teach how to recognize and resist antisocial behaviors.
  • Materials tailored to participant's learning styles.
  • Programs that last from 3 to 9 months.
  • Program components that include:
    • Substance Abuse Education
    • Job Training/Placement
    • Family Relationships
    • Housing
    • Physical/Mental Health care
    • Education
    • Mentoring


To that end, Straight Talk Program, Inc. offers the following:

  • Mobile Speakers Bureau – a panel of ex-offenders give motivational talks to deter at-risk youth from pursuing negative lifestyles.
  • One-to-One and Group Mentoring – guidance for youth and parents; providing intervention before potentially criminal situations get out of control.
  • Community Service – providing an opportunity for community service to those whose sentence mandates it.
  • Community Activities – providing opportunities for at-risk youth to engage in positive activities to develop an understanding of their own self- worth.
  • Court Support Advocacy and Community Advocacy – addressing relevant ideas and causes.
  • Record Expungement – assisting qualified ex-offenders* in cleaning up their records as they transform their lives.
  • Support and Collaboration – providing services to programs that support or provide job skills and/or education for all people, with special emphasis on disadvantaged youths and adults. Collaborates with other organizations, agencies, and programs throughout Southern California, making referrals as needed.

* Straight Talk Program, Inc. does not provide services to ex-offenders convicted of sexually related crimes.

Our Contribution:

Straight Talk Program is a therapeutic program; meeting individuals where they are and helping them heal.

Our speakers give countless volunteer hours to the community in an effort to reduce the negative behaviors that permeate today’s society. Thereby helping make our neighborhoods safer places to work, grow, and thrive.

Our panelists participate in their own rehabilitation process; strengthening their own moral character as they begin to see themselves as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others.