The following information is for volunteers from the NBC Channel 4 Volunteers Initiative Program and the general public.

The volunteer positions listed below are ongoing and located all over Southern California communities. As a mobile program, volunteers may report to various locations in the community where Straight Talk Program (STP) has established office space or presentation appointments. In certain situations, work can also be done from the volunteer's residence.


Depending on whether you would like to apply to be a volunteer, speaker, and/or request for STP service. Please complete the corresponding application and email it to straighttalkprogram@charter.net.


Positions Needed

  • Administrative Assistant: Assist with daily operations of the program; returning phone calls, scheduling presentations, and replying to correspondence.
  • Marketing Staff Assistant: Assist with marketing promotions to increase awareness of the organization.
  • Program Researcher: Develop tools to measure organization's outcomes as well as measuring ongoing results.
  • Attorneys: In particular, attorneys are needed to assist with STP's ongoing quarterly expungement clinics for adults and juveniles for record sealing.
  • CPA Accountant: Specializing in non-profit organizations to maintain the program's financial records and reporting.
  • Bookkeeper: Maintain the ongoing financial operation of the program and work closely with the CPA accountant.
  • Documentary Film Producer: Create a documentary of STP's program's history and available services.
  • Media and Public Information Officer: Act as a spokesperson to promote the program to the media and to represent the program when providing comments to the media on issues concerning the community.
  • Social Media Staff: Assist to promote the program through social media and design and maintain the website.
  • Photographers/Videographers: Take photographs at STP events and maintain visual records of STP history and program activities.
  • Graphic Designer: Develop program merchandise (t-shirts, hats, and cups, etc.) to use to raise funds and increase awareness.
  • Ongoing Speakers: Ex-offenders, including youth, can assist others by sharing their story.
  • Graduates and Undergraduates Internships: STP will tailor the internship to fit the interns degree or career interest.
  • Tutors: To provide one-on-one or group tutoring in academic subjects.
  • STP: Welcomes volunteers in all areas of program development.



Straight Talk Program, Inc. (STP), founded in 1990 by Phyllis McNeal, is a 501c3, tax-exempt organization that works toward:

  • Reducing crime, incarceration, and recidivism by promoting healthy lifestyle choices for at-risk youth and adults.
  • Utilizing the knowledge and experience of formerly incarcerated people to positively influence others to make positive choices.
  • Reducing the incarceration rate in the State of California juvenile and state prison systems.
  • Empowering ex-offenders who have broken the criminal behavior chains to become positive role models and contributing citizens.



For additional information or to book a presentation, contact:

(951) 272-5747 Office
(951) 356-0233 Fax


Straight Talk Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 5693
Norco, California 92860