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Our Services:

Straight Talk Program, Inc. provides evidence-based services built upon a set of best practices defmed by studies commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice.


Best practices that provide:

bullet Focus on ex-offenders most likely to recidivate;
bullet Interventions that identify qualities that place one at risk to commit crime;
bullet Interventions that treats multiple anti-social behaviors; Recognition and resistance to antisocial behaviors;
bullet Materials tailored to participant's learning styles;
bullet Programs that last from 3 to 9 months;
bullet Program components that include

                Substance abuse education

                Job Training/Placement

                Family Relationships


                Physical/Mental Health care



To that end, STP offers the following:

bullet Mobile Speakers Bureau - a panel of ex-offenders give motivational talks to deter at-risk youth from pursuing negative lifestyles.
bullet One-to-one - group mentoring - guidance for youth and parents providing intervention before potentially criminal situations get out of control.
bullet Community service - provides an opportunity for Community Service to those whose sentence mandates it;
bullet Community activities - provides opportunities for at-risk youth to engage in positive activities to develop an understanding of their own self-worth.
bullet Court support advocacy and community advocacy - addressing relevant ideas and causes.
bullet Record expungement - assists qualified ex-offenders *cleaning up their records as they transform their lives.


* Straight Talk Program, Inc. does not provide services to ex-offenders convicted of sexually related crimes.

Our History:

In 1990, Phyllis P. McNeal, MSW, Parole Agent I established Straight Talk Program, Inc. in Inglewood, California. The program puts ex-offenders before audiences of students and other citizens, where they discuss the choices that led to their incarceration. Since then, the program has served hundreds of ex-offenders, and has received state and nationwide recognition for its two primary goals:


bullet Providing a venue for ex-offenders to give back to the community it wronged; and
bullet Providing intervention, deterrent, and prevention services for at-risk youth who are making choices that will eventually lead to their own incarceration.


Straight Talk speakers come from all socio-economic strata, indicating that consequences resulting from negative choices cross all boundaries. Likewise, the program audiences range from schools to community forums and include people from all backgrounds. The message is simple: If you break the law, you will eventually be caught - and the consequences are costly, to you. Your family, the community, and to society.

About Straight Talk Program

Our Results:

In a six-month study of 1,126 written evaluations of the Straight Talk Program, 87% rated the talk as excellent or helpful in assisting them reevaluate their lifestyles and redirect their choices. Of parents completing the same survey, 83% reported favorable observations of the programs' impact on their children. Within the same group of youth and parents, 68% requested personalized services-with 37% of the requests originating from the youths.


Our Recognition:

In 2012, Straight Talk Program, lnc. received The President's Volunteer Service Award as a National Call to Service Volunteer by the Points of Light Foundation.


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